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What's Growing On as of Friday, May 22, 2020.

Hello Gardener's!

We have been overwhelmed with your support and we appreciate it all so much.  We are now OPEN from 930am to 430pm Monday to Saturday in Salmon Arm and Blind Bay.  Both stores are OPEN Sundays 10 to 4.  We have changed a few things at both stores to make you experience a safe, healthy and hopefully a happy one!  New Entrances and Exits are really helping the flow of gardeners to eliminate crowds forming.  One way aisles and 6' markers are really helping out as well.  The biggest challenge now is our inventory.  We work hard everyday to re-stock.  We are having some luck finding new and beautiful plants and they are arriving all the time.  If you come in today and don't see what you were looking for, there's a chance it'll be here tomorrow!  We are expecting a gorgeous load arriving in Salmon Arm filled with the coolest plants from the far corners of the world on Thursday, May 28.  We're extremely excited to see it!  Hope to see you soon,

Your "Nico's Family"

New Procedures

1) Please follow instructions at both stores.  We have new "traffic flow" patterns to help everyone keep a good distance apart.

2) We are limiting the number of people in the store, please be patient.

3) Please shop as quickly as possible, remember other gardeners are waiting to come in as well.

4) Plant Issues sent by email.  Be patient, it might take a few days to a week to get a reply, and we might miss it altogether.  If you don't get a reply in a few days, re-send it with a kind reminder.  We cannot do Landscape Advice over email or phone.  We simply do not have time.  We recommend hiring a Landscape Professional to help you.  

5) We will try to help you as much as we can in store, at a distance

6) We do accept cash, but prefer debit or credit

7) Try not to touch it, unless it's going home with you

8) We can't wait to get back to our usual welcoming, relaxed atmosphere with exceptional customer service!

9) Thank you for your patience and support, we are so appreciative

10) Have fun, stay safe, stay healthy

Phone calls and Emails

Since we've opened the stores, we've been incredibly busy trying to keep the tables full, and the shelves stocked.  We're also busy serving the customers in the store, which makes us happy!  Our phone lines have been ringing none stop and it's hard to get through.  We've been overrun with emails that we just can't get to them all.  We're trying, and eventually we'll get to most of them, but we will miss some, please be kind.  Honestly, the best way is to come into either store to see what we have and pick out your plants.  

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