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Early April 2016

Posted by nicosnurseryland on April 1, 2016 at 8:15 PM

Spring, it’s like Christmas morning to a gardener. Each morning, I like to stroll around the garden to see what buds are closer to opening. As the buds swell and open, it really is like watching presents being opened in the garden! My Helleborus has been in flower for weeks now and I just love seeing that first burst of colour! The show of colour has really started now and will keep going until the last brilliant red leaf falls from the Autumn Blaze Maples in November.

Lawns can get lost in all the fun right now, until we are trying to out-do our neighbours for the greenest lawn on the street this summer. A good start right now would be to give your lawn a good, hard rake. Give it a mow and then fertilize with a good early spring lawn food. My recommendation is Nurseryland 7-21-7. A fertilizer now with high phosphorus will feed the roots and get your lawn ready for some serious greening this summer. Nurseryland fertilizers feed for about 6 weeks which will set you up for a good high nitrogen fertilizer in late May or June. If you had problems with moss, now is the time to lime! There are limes out now that are prilled so there is no powdery mess and it breaks down faster to sweeten your soil and make it unsuitable for moss growth!

It’s a great time to walk around the garden centre now with so much fun stuff arriving all the time! Watch for the Pansies, Heathers, Herbs and even the early veggie starts like tomatoes, lettuce, cauliflower and more! You can safely plant any hardy plants like roses, shrubs, trees, berry bushes and fruit trees. Just be careful with the frosts if you’ve planted any annuals yet, you might need to have some crop cover nearby to throw over them at night.

So get outside and get dirty, your garden has missed you, and loves you!


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