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The Christmas Trees have arrived....

Posted by nicosnurseryland on December 3, 2015 at 5:10 PM


It all started Wednesday morning about 6am. Looking forward to a nice drive across the Coquhilla and gorgeous sunny morning, just me and some Bruce Springsteen on the radio! The drive through the Shuswap was amazing, blue sky, still waters and bright mountains covered in fresh snow. With this day so nice, I'll be home before dark...


I arrived at the farm where my dad has been buying trees for 40 years. Had a nice talk with Norman the son of the original farmer, John. Watched as Norman's sons loaded another truck before mine was up. It was so nice down on the Hatzic Prairie, plus 9 and sunshine. We got my trailer loaded and Norman's kids amazingly stacked an enormous amount of trees, couldn't believe we got them all in one load! Off I go...


Well I made it about 100m down the road when I checked my mirrors and the tires were smoking like I was doing a burnout in a drag race! I pulled over and tried to re-arrange the load with some of the heavier trees closer to the wheel wells. While I'm moving trees all over, a nice lady in a near by farmhouse comes out with a fresh roast beef sandwich for me! She said she saw me sweating away and thought I could use some lunch! After eating my delicious sandwich I realized no rearranging would work, the load was just too heavy. I turned the trailer around and returned to the tree farm. We unloaded the live trees with the heavy rootballs on them. Not knowing if I would come back, Norman reassured me that he'd be able to sell them if I couldn't make it back. Off I went again.


This time making it quite a few kilometres down Highway 7 on Nicomen Island. The tires started smoking again and this time with burning pieces of rubber flying! I safely pulled over at the nearest gas station. I made a few calls, not exactly sure what my next move was. My brother-in-law, Sean was still working, but was off in 2 hours, he could drive down in our Cube Van to unload some of the trees into, but that would be 6 hours of me sitting at a gas station near Deroche, BC. (near Deroche means in the middle of nowhere). I got out once more to look at my load and the trailer when a man approached me. His name was Ivan and he and his wife had just bought a tree farm near here and he offered his place for me to drop off some trees for the night. The chances of meeting someone so nice at that precise time who didn't live too far away are pretty slim, but here he was.


So off I went again following slowly behind Ivan to his farm. There I met his wife, Sara and thier son. We unloaded about 75 trees, exchanged business cards, and off I was again.


Cruising through Agassiz, Esmond called and let me know his brother, Chuck, worked at OK Tire and maybe I should stop by and let Chuck look at my tires to see if they'd make to Salmon Arm tonight. I got the ok from Chuck and I hit the road finally.


As I crossed the Fraser River I watched a beautiful sunset. Wasn't I supposed to be 'home' by now? With a 4.5 hour drive ahead in darkness with temperatures dropping to minus 15, I'd have to be mindful of black ice. About 8:30 that night I pulled safely onto my road, parking the big rig on the street. Walking into the house after that long trip was rewarding with my sweet daughter, Lauren, running up to hug me and my wife Kimberley there with a big hug and smile.


I'll wrap it up here for part one of my journey, the second day is where the crazy comes into play as I still had to go back down one more time to pick up the 75 or so trees I dropped off with my new friends Ivan and Sara.


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