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Hallowe'en 2015

Posted by nicosnurseryland on October 31, 2015 at 1:05 PM

A Gardener's Hallowe'en


Gardening anytime can make you feel at one with nature. There's something a little different about gardening on or around Hallowe'en. The smell in the air for one. The feel of winter's grasp slowly gripping tighter. A distant siren whines, and the wind picks up. It can be very relaxing and maybe a little spooky.


Raking and pruning done now means less work in spring! Dad always said to clean up your yard. I wrote a blog a couple of years ago about cleaning the yard in the fall. I was, and still am, a lazy gardener, and every time I drove in my driveway and saw those ugly, dead peony branches draped over the rings, I remembered Dad, "Clean up your yard, not only does it obviously look cleaner and better, it makes less work in the Spring, Marty!" That last part caught my attention. Hmmm, less work? Ok. As soon as the snow melts you can focus on watching the crocus bloom, instead of tirelessly raking. Plus, any dead and decaying leaves harbour pests and disease and you'll be fighting them all summer long. So now, around this time every year I clean my yard. A little pruning here, a little raking there and I find it quite relaxing and fun. My wife quite enjoys a clean yard too, specially on Hallowe'en when all the neighbours actually come over and walk right up to the front door!!


Hope you and your family have a safe, scary Hallowe'en and maybe I'll see you at the game tonight!


Go Silverbacks Go!


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