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Happy Hallowe'en

Posted by nicosnurseryland on October 31, 2014 at 5:45 PM

Happy Hallowe'en

It was a gloomy Shuswap day, the kind that reminds you that you still have to cut back your perennials before the snow flies. One more trip out in the yard, get the ornamental grasses cut down, or simply light them on fire like my Dad used to do. Cut back your peonies and hostas, and maybe give the lawn one last mow. After all the yard work is done, you clean up the patio from all the summer fun you and your family had, and you notice something..... You still have raspberries on the Raspberry Shortcake plant you bought from Nico's! Awesome! Harvest those and you continue into the back yard and what's that? Something spooky, and quite eerie. It's getting darker out, but you did spot something over there, right in the back corner of the yard. As you start your journey towards that weird little round shape, you feel the worry come over you, it is Hallowe'en after all. Maybe it can wait until the light of the sun, that's supposed to shine tomorrow, can show you what it is, but then again, sleeping tonight will be harder than usual. So you do walk over, right where you grew all your beautiful, lush, healthy grafted tomato vines. What's that? One more vine you missed, and still yet, another bucket full of gorgeous, ripe and meaty tomatoes! I love the harvest time of year!


I hope everyone has a safe, and happy Hallowe'en with more treats than tricks! Maybe I'll see you at the game tonight, it should be a great one, with our rival West Kelowna Warriors in town.


Go 'Backs Go!


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