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Kid's in the Garden

Posted by nicosnurseryland on September 12, 2014 at 1:15 PM

Kid's love gardening....

My love affair with plants came at a young age. I used to transplant weeds from the wild area in Mom & Dad’s old yard to the little plot of garden that I creatively called, “My Area”. I was probably around 7 years old. My sister, Maaike, and I would construct little miniature communities with my hot wheels collection of toy cars. We would landscape the houses with flowers from all over Mom’s garden! We were obviously bound to love gardens and gardening with what our Father did for a living and Moms passion for gardening. Getting children involved in gardening at a young age can be so rewarding! Seeing their happy faces when a plant grows from seed into a large beautiful flowering plant is actually rewarding for us too!

One of my favourite, funniest, and kind of embarrassing memories from our childhood, was when Mom asked Maaike and I to plant the pansies. Mom even laid out the packs where they needed to be. There were close to 30 packs of 8 laid out in various gardens around the yard. So, off we went, planting the whole packs exactly where they were laid out, not realizing that there were 8 plants in each pack needing to be split and spaced out!! Mom sure laughed when she came home and saw all the pansies planted all bunched together, now she knew how we managed to finish so fast!

Fall really is a great time for planting and for getting the kids involved! Planting bulbs is easy and very rewarding! It’s as easy as Dig. Drop. Done. Having the children place the bulbs in the holes and then watching as they come up next spring is amazing! Garden Centres are now filling up with fall bulbs to be planted after a frost or two. It’s best to shop early for bulbs as the selection is the best. Usually the end of September or early October would be the best time for planting them!


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