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It's that time of year

Posted by nicosnurseryland on May 23, 2014 at 6:05 PM

It's that time of year

Our wisteria is blooming and everyone comments on the sweet fragrance! Just beautiful! This weekend is shaping up to be a wonderful gardening weekend. Many of you subscribe to the "May 24" legend of a planting date, and it is now among us! I planted up my patio, with the help of my 2 and half year old daughter Lauren, this past week and it's looking great! We picked out a new Capi planter and some beautiful Proven Winner annuals! Lauren loves the Lobelia Sky Blue, so you know we used a few of those! My wife, Kimberley, loves all plants, but her favourites are anything with a cool texture like sedums, sempervirens, coleus, conifers, and grasses. She loves the foliage type plants! Mix them together with a few supertunias and boom you've got an outstanding planter!


Working out in the yard this morning, a few things caught my eye that you have to come in and take a look at! Weigela Wine & Roses are loaded in buds and blooms! Berberis Rose Glow is starting to produce new growth with striking pink and white foliage against the burgundy! Peonies are just about to open, and our Eddie's White Wonder Dogwood planted in the front garden is garnering quite a bit of attention! The new growth on the conifers looks so promising with bright blue needles on Montgomery Spruce or the purple on the Pusch Spruce, it's a great time to just come to Nico's for a walk and feel the happiness!


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Only 3 weeks til the World Cup and I see Holland sets off against Spain in the first match.... I'm already thinking of the sale we'll have if Holland can win that first match!! 30 off perennials? 30 off small fruits? 25 off anything flowering oranje? Not sure, send me your ideas!!


See you this weekend,


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