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Fall 2015

Posted by nicosnurseryland on September 19, 2015 at 1:05 PM

You can smell it in the air, see it in the trees, and hear it at the schoolyard... Fall is here! It happened quick, but, nonetheless, it's here. I love this time of year. Sometimes, it's hard to let go of the summer fun, the sandals, the shorts, and the sitting under the umbrella with a cold drink in hand because it's "too hot"! However we have lots to look forward to in Autumn. The trees and shrubs put on a fabulous show, harvesting our fruits and veggies, and seeing all the award winning entrants at the Fall Fair!

Thinking of the Fall Fair, I spoke with my friend Monica, and she had a great idea! If you haven't torn apart your annual gardens or containers yet, it's a good time of year to take some pictures and save the photos. So many times we want to re-create the same planter the next year, but just can't remember exactly how wonderfully we planted it last year! With the photos, you can bring them in, (in print or on your mobile phone), to us at Nico's next spring and we can help you identify exactly what you had and where!


Now onto planting now for spring colour! Bulbs are here! It is the best time to purchase your bulbs to make sure you pick from the best selection and you can save big time with our Flyer Sale! We have some really neat varieties and some great prices! My first favourite would have to be the "Budlight" Tulip! Now Budlight, is far from my favourite beer, but this Tulip is top of my list this year! Such a cool look, with a fresh yellow and white variation on the pedals. Another hit will be the "Graceful Beauty" Allium. The best deal highlights would be the King Alfred Daffodils, at 20 bulbs for only 7.88! Or the Rainbow Mix Tulips at 20 bulbs for 7.88!


It's a fun time of year and the best part is... The Silverbacks are back on the ice! We have a great team this year, (I think I say that every year about now....) See you at the game or in the garden,



More Fresh Stock

Posted by nicosnurseryland on June 5, 2015 at 6:10 PM

More 'Fresh' stock arrives!

What a season we're having here in Southern BC! Warm temps that are predicted to soar into the mid 30's this weekend. We just went through a nice 3 days of soaking wet rain to help out the forests and our own gardens and lawns too. (Thanks Mother Nature). With all the sun we've had our plants have never looked better, and it helps that you're all buying so much so fast too! :)


Since we don't have old, tired stock, you'll hardly ever see us discount plants! Thanks to you our turnover is quick, and with our new, expanded growing facility in Blind Bay, we can keep filling up the tables with lush, beautiful, fresh stock week after week! Just after Dad brought us a full load of cool plants from the coast, Esmond drove out to Blind Bay to fill us up here in Salmon Arm with freshly grown 6pack bedding plants and more tomatoes! It's amazing what we all "grow" through as Blind Bay has just finished planting the last crop of 6pack Annuals...600 flats! When you buy from Nico's, you buy 'direct from grower' on most of our plants!


Long time readers will know that I'm a huge sports fan. From CFL, BCHL, NHL and every four years the World Cup of Soccer. Well, the Women's World Cup is being held in Canada this year and our Team Canada actually has a good chance of going far in this tournament and I think it will be very exciting to watch! Team Canada plays this Saturday vs China at 2pm. Let's cheer them on and if Team Canada wins, we'll discount all perennials (even the new ones!) by 25% all day Sunday, June 7!!


Go Canada Go,


Edible Planters and Baskets!

Posted by nicosnurseryland on May 3, 2015 at 1:15 PM

So it’s finally May! That means it’s time to get our patios ready for Summer!

What’s the latest trend in patio gardening? Edibles.

Why not eat what you grow? Vegetable Gardens are a lot more than they used to be. People are now growing veggies, herbs and berries right on the patio! It’s a gardening trend that has been ‘growing’ for some time and I think it’s one that’ll stick! There’s nothing better than watching your child eat fresh raspberries right on the patio. The cutest part is when they go out and look to see if the next crop is ripe yet!

There are so many varieties of berries suitable for pots and most are hardy overwintered in pots too! My favourite new Raspberry is “Raspberry Shortcake”. Its dwarf habit, thornless branches and repeat crops throughout the summer make it a must have for sure! As for Blueberries, you just have to try some of the new ones from Brazel Berries. Varieties like “Jelly Bean” and “Pink Icing” are so cool, I can almost feel them cooling me down on a hot Shuswap Summer day!

Sure there are tumbling tomatoes but have you heard about “Rapunzel”? This new tomato, named after the fairy tale character, grows to 6’ tall producing unique, long cascading trusses with tons of fruit. Very flavourful, bright red cherry tomatoes make the perfect addition to salads and veggie trays. So sweet, you'll be tempted to eat them straight from the vine.

Now, while edibles are great in containers, what about edible Hanging Baskets!? There are “Patio Snacker” Cucumbers and maybe the best one yet, the “Pink Flowering Strawberries”. Adding a couple of these to your regular flowering hanging baskets will add a certain excitement, not only are the flowers outstanding, but the fruits are delicious too!

When thinking of doing your patio this year, try adding some edible plants and enjoy eating your harvest while sitting on the deck relaxing in the sunshine!


Grand Opening Party

Posted by nicosnurseryland on April 17, 2015 at 8:25 PM

Grand Opening Party!

It's come a long way in Blind Bay from our very humble beginnings on Fairway Hills Rd, with a shack leaning on a greenhouse. Over the years on that site we grew, and grew adding greenhouses, and a proper storefront. Until last year we decided we had overgrown the site, there was not nearly enough parking, there was no more room for greenhouses and the people of the South Shuswap needed a larger garden centre!


Dad scoped out a BIG piece of property at 2515 Greer Rd., with great highway exposure and easy access off the Trans Canada Highway. He ordered another greenhouse and an extension for the store and a way we went! Bought the property and put up our massive billboard. We spent the fall and winter building, building and building, a lot of sweat, tears and maybe a little blood, (I know there was at least one finger that got screwed to the wall, hey Etienne?). One major set back was when some misguided people stole all of our tools, supplies, and even a pair of old work boots, but we pushed on and finished the store a week ahead of schedule and opened for business March 21.


So, now, here we are, it's Grand Opening Weekend and we're ready to Party! We're celebrating at both stores, starting today, Friday, April 17. We've got super low prices on some great products and plants throughout the stores! 


Now it's time to get outside and unload another 53' trailer filled with Emerald Cedars, Western Red Cedars, Hedging Taxus, more Magnolias and Dogwoods! It's going to be a great weekend with loads of sun and warm temperatures! See you soon,


Go Canucks Go,


Excited for Spring

Posted by nicosnurseryland on March 13, 2015 at 7:10 PM

An early Spring is always welcome in the gardening world that's for sure!  With this warm trend in our local weather we've seen the snow melt and the customers coming out!  We're stocking shelves, potting plants, and unloading trailers as fast as we can, it seems we're selling product right out of the trucks as they pull in!! This weekend we're unloading our first truck loaded with Cedars, Fruit trees, all kinds of shrubs and trees along with some really fancy product not found anywhere else!  We've potted the David Austin Roses, the Weeks roses with names like, 'Neil Diamond', 'Coffee Bean', 'Drop Dead Red', 'Daddy's Little Girl', and so many more!   Our summer bulbs are in with the onions, and potatoes too.  We'll be potting the Strawberries and Raspberries this week, and they'll be ready for you by the weekend.  Dad will be going down to the coast for a pick up of all the little gardening candy we love so much!! It's a big week coming up and we're all so excited


Go Canucks Go,


Happy Hallowe'en

Posted by nicosnurseryland on October 31, 2014 at 5:45 PM

Happy Hallowe'en

It was a gloomy Shuswap day, the kind that reminds you that you still have to cut back your perennials before the snow flies. One more trip out in the yard, get the ornamental grasses cut down, or simply light them on fire like my Dad used to do. Cut back your peonies and hostas, and maybe give the lawn one last mow. After all the yard work is done, you clean up the patio from all the summer fun you and your family had, and you notice something..... You still have raspberries on the Raspberry Shortcake plant you bought from Nico's! Awesome! Harvest those and you continue into the back yard and what's that? Something spooky, and quite eerie. It's getting darker out, but you did spot something over there, right in the back corner of the yard. As you start your journey towards that weird little round shape, you feel the worry come over you, it is Hallowe'en after all. Maybe it can wait until the light of the sun, that's supposed to shine tomorrow, can show you what it is, but then again, sleeping tonight will be harder than usual. So you do walk over, right where you grew all your beautiful, lush, healthy grafted tomato vines. What's that? One more vine you missed, and still yet, another bucket full of gorgeous, ripe and meaty tomatoes! I love the harvest time of year!


I hope everyone has a safe, and happy Hallowe'en with more treats than tricks! Maybe I'll see you at the game tonight, it should be a great one, with our rival West Kelowna Warriors in town.


Go 'Backs Go!


Kid's in the Garden

Posted by nicosnurseryland on September 12, 2014 at 1:15 PM

Kid's love gardening....

My love affair with plants came at a young age. I used to transplant weeds from the wild area in Mom & Dad’s old yard to the little plot of garden that I creatively called, “My Area”. I was probably around 7 years old. My sister, Maaike, and I would construct little miniature communities with my hot wheels collection of toy cars. We would landscape the houses with flowers from all over Mom’s garden! We were obviously bound to love gardens and gardening with what our Father did for a living and Moms passion for gardening. Getting children involved in gardening at a young age can be so rewarding! Seeing their happy faces when a plant grows from seed into a large beautiful flowering plant is actually rewarding for us too!

One of my favourite, funniest, and kind of embarrassing memories from our childhood, was when Mom asked Maaike and I to plant the pansies. Mom even laid out the packs where they needed to be. There were close to 30 packs of 8 laid out in various gardens around the yard. So, off we went, planting the whole packs exactly where they were laid out, not realizing that there were 8 plants in each pack needing to be split and spaced out!! Mom sure laughed when she came home and saw all the pansies planted all bunched together, now she knew how we managed to finish so fast!

Fall really is a great time for planting and for getting the kids involved! Planting bulbs is easy and very rewarding! It’s as easy as Dig. Drop. Done. Having the children place the bulbs in the holes and then watching as they come up next spring is amazing! Garden Centres are now filling up with fall bulbs to be planted after a frost or two. It’s best to shop early for bulbs as the selection is the best. Usually the end of September or early October would be the best time for planting them!


Yard Walks

Posted by nicosnurseryland on August 1, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Gardening can be challenging at times, even frustrating, but the rewards are worth it! This past Father’s Day, my family headed out to Mom and Dad’s place for a celebration of my Dad and a nice night to focus on the enjoyment I get from being a Father too. We arrived, and as tradition in my family we pour a beverage and go for a ‘yard walk’. It is a nice time to stroll around their beautiful gardens including the amazing vegetable garden. Mom and Dad’s vegetable garden is something to be seen for sure! With custom espaliered peach trees that form the border at only 2’ high! The garden is loaded with raspberries, strawberries, broad beans, tomatoes, pumpkins, kale and all the herbs and lettuce you’d need to eat throughout the year.

Now you can imagine us all in our Sunday best, sipping a nice drink, when I see a head of lettuce shaking violently!

Mom had been complaining about the voles attacking the garden earlier. She spoke of whole tomato vines disappearing and, well, I thought that was a little crazy and could this really happen? Now it was and it was happening right in front of us! Something was shaking this lettuce and about to take it under! So Dad takes off like a lightning flash and seconds later returns with a garden hoe. Mom and Kimberley gasp at what is about to transpire. Then with a “thwack” he hits the lettuce with the perfect hit, slicing it off right at the root, not damaging a single leaf. The only problem was that Mom had already harvested lettuce for the evening dinner and the little vole had disappeared.

We ate well that night, lots of fresh greens! Once you slice into that tomato you grew yourself, or load your fresh blueberries on a bowl of ice cream, or feast on a big salad that only minutes ago was in a tug of war with a vole, you’ve never tasted anything like produce from your garden!

Gardening for food, flowers or just to beautify your home is made better with a ‘yard walk’ with friends and family, and that is what makes gardening so rewarding!


It's that time of year

Posted by nicosnurseryland on May 23, 2014 at 6:05 PM

It's that time of year

Our wisteria is blooming and everyone comments on the sweet fragrance! Just beautiful! This weekend is shaping up to be a wonderful gardening weekend. Many of you subscribe to the "May 24" legend of a planting date, and it is now among us! I planted up my patio, with the help of my 2 and half year old daughter Lauren, this past week and it's looking great! We picked out a new Capi planter and some beautiful Proven Winner annuals! Lauren loves the Lobelia Sky Blue, so you know we used a few of those! My wife, Kimberley, loves all plants, but her favourites are anything with a cool texture like sedums, sempervirens, coleus, conifers, and grasses. She loves the foliage type plants! Mix them together with a few supertunias and boom you've got an outstanding planter!


Working out in the yard this morning, a few things caught my eye that you have to come in and take a look at! Weigela Wine & Roses are loaded in buds and blooms! Berberis Rose Glow is starting to produce new growth with striking pink and white foliage against the burgundy! Peonies are just about to open, and our Eddie's White Wonder Dogwood planted in the front garden is garnering quite a bit of attention! The new growth on the conifers looks so promising with bright blue needles on Montgomery Spruce or the purple on the Pusch Spruce, it's a great time to just come to Nico's for a walk and feel the happiness!


We have a few good specials on now too, check out the specials page to get the low down!


Only 3 weeks til the World Cup and I see Holland sets off against Spain in the first match.... I'm already thinking of the sale we'll have if Holland can win that first match!! 30 off perennials? 30 off small fruits? 25 off anything flowering oranje? Not sure, send me your ideas!!


See you this weekend,


Anniversary Party 2014

Posted by nicosnurseryland on April 24, 2014 at 7:30 PM


HAHAHA, It's actually 17, but if you look at this way, 17 in Salmon Arm and 11 in Blind Bay, we're looking at 28!! Either way you look at it, our family has been in the Retail Garden Centre business a long time! My Oma and Opa opened Triple Tree Nursery in Maple Ridge in 1962. Since then, we've come a long way with Triple Tree still in our family and Dad opening Nico's in Salmon Arm to retire from the busy, fast paced lifestyle of the Lower Mainland! Funny, I use the word, 'retire'. I don't think Dad has worked so hard since we moved here, and I don't think he'll ever really retire!!


So we're celebrating with a Garden Party with Live Music and cheap prices! We'll be opening Saturday morning early at 7:30 with an amazing Blow Out on our own Nico's Home Grown 4 pack Annuals at only 1.33/pack!! The rest of the weekend they'll still be on sale at 1.75! This years crop is looking so good! Just went out to our Blind Bay Greenhouses today and I was amazed at the quality and the quantity!! Everywhere you look, beautiful, lush plants loaded with buds and flowers!



See you this weekend,

Hup Holland Hup....(World Cup Soccer is coming soon, so excited!! Watch for super crazy sales every time Holland wins a match!!)




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