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A simple guide to find your favourite Christmas Tree

Posted by nicosnurseryland on December 8, 2018 at 4:50 PM



Douglas Fir, one of the most popular here in BC. They grow fast, and thus, carry a lower price. Needle drop is a concern, so make sure to always keep it watered and use tree preservative. They have soft branches and needles. Good scent. Price range: 17.00 to 60.00


Nordman Fir, one of the nicest tree varieties for Christmas. Strong branches, soft, glossy green needles with white underneath. They hold their needles very well. Price range: 50.00 to 95.00


Fraser Fir. My favourite. Very strong branches, dark green needles that almost encircle the whole stem. They also have a white tinge underneath. They'll keep their needles on until Valentine's Day if you want. Usually tall and slender, perfect for a smaller space. Price range: 70.00 to 95.00


Grand Fir. The strongest scented tree. They have glossy green needles and are usually big and bushy. Their needles come out flat across the stem for a cool appearance. Price range: 25.00 to 70.00


Noble Fir. The Cadillac of Christmas Trees. Strong Branches, bluish-grey green foliage. They hold their needles for a very long time. They usually have a bit more room on the tree for big, heavy ornaments too. Price range: 65.00 to 130.00

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